Keywords and cross-referencing

Keywords and cross-referencing is an optimisation extension of the Abstract Factory RFC that allows for specifications to reference parts of other specifications as a means of clarification and information reuse.

  • Name: (8/KCR)
  • Editor: Marcus Ottosson
  • Tags: general
  • State: retired

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This document is governed by the Consensus-Oriented Specification System (COSS).


To alleviate the need for repetition in specifications, specifications allow for use of keywords and cross-referencing as a means of encapsulating meaning and re-using existing information within another specification.


  • keywords: short, memorable identifiers surrounded in back-ticks (`)
  • cross-referencing: keyword with embedded @ indicates a reference to included keyword.


This description references @another-keyword

Via referencing, one can distill new information more quickly and avoid repetition.