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Definition of goto A command-line utility for effectively navigating large hierarchies of content.

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This document defines one (1) command-line utility for effectively navigating large hierarchies of content.

  • goto

Syntax MUST align with RFC57.


goto provides two (2) methods of use; breadth-first and aliased.


# Go to shot 1000 of hulk, breadth-first
$ goto hulk/1000
cwd set to /projects/hulk/shots/1000

The breadth-first method of goto performs a breadth-first search of content, starting from the current working directory (cwd) and stopping at the first match.

Thus, given the hierarchy:

|-- machine
|   |-- shots
|       |-- 1000
|       |-- 2000
|       |-- 3000
|-- hulk
|-- starwars
|-- spiderman
$ goto machine
# ..would return cwd/machine

# Whereas
$ goto 1000
# ..would *possibly* return cwd/machine/shots/1000
# if no other match is found at an earlier `level`
# in any of the ther potential hierarchies; `hulk`,
# `starwars` or `spiderman`.

# And..
$ goto machine
$ goto 1000
# ..would be guaranteed to return cwd/machine/shots/1000

# ..which may be shortened to
$ goto machine/1000


Users may jump to pre-defined locations with aliases (not to be confused with bash alias, although their functions are identical)

# Go to private dir of current context, alias
$ cd /some/dir
$ goto --home
# cwd set to /projects/hulk/shots/1000/private/marcus

Aliases are prefixed with a double-dash which hides the possibility of using flags with goto.

Aliases are defined by passing a value to the alias.

$ goto --myalias /projects/hulk/my_custom_folder
# alias successfully defined

And override existing aliases

$ goto --home /not/my/home
# alias successfully defined

Custom aliases and keywords

Aliases may resolve keywords

$ goto --myalias $PROJECT/my_custom_folder
# alias successfully defined

Where $PROJECT represents an environment variable.

$ echo $PROJECT
# /projects/hulk


Like bash alias, goto aliases does not persist across sessions, but must instead be re-defined each time.

A possible solution then is to have your shell re-define these upon launch.