Omlang, pure programmable content

The Open Metadata programming language.

Copyright and Language can be found in RFC1

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This document is governed by the Consensus-Oriented Specification System (COSS).


In traditional programming, variable definitions and their values are stored together with their business logic. Conversely, Omlang separates storage from usage.

# Variables and values are stored on disk
|-- red
|-- green
|-- blue
# The variables are then used in Omlang as follows:
 color = red + green + blue


  • Create content
  • Evaluate content
  • Search content


Using Omlang to create new content

rgb = r + g + b
# Where `r`, `g` and `b` are previously
# existing content on disk. `rgb` is written
# once the code compiles/runs.


Using Omlang to evaluate expressions.

# The expression:

# Resolves into, e.g.

Using Omlang as a search-language, similar to SQL.


Omlang consists of two orthogonal types:

  • variable
  • command
 color = red + green + blue
|_____| |__________________|
command      variables

Where a command is the equivalent of a Python property; directly assignable but with programmable response/action. A command is not persistent and does therefore not exist on disk. A variable however exists on disk and is accessible with omlang by name.

Nested variables

Variables in Omlang are hierarchical; meaning they may be nested within other variables. Accessing nested variables follows the same conventions a accessing individual nested members within a file-system.

# Variables and values
|-- description
    |-- weight
    |-- height

Which is then used like this:

# Logic
bmi = description/weight / (description/height ** 2)

Omlang revolves around the current working directory. Variables not directly available from the current working directory is searched, depth-first, through the contained hierarchy.

# Hierarchy
|-- red
|-- green
|-- parent
    |-- blue
# omlang
color = red + green + blue

Here, blue isn’t found directly within cwd and is resolved into using parent/blue instead.