Kom - A communications library

A lightweight inter-process communications library.

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In a Service-Oriented Architecture, services are distributed across an arbitrary amount of workers. Each service may then be utilised outside of and beyond the context under which it was originally designed; facilitating de-coupled components and a large amount of code re-use.

Kom is a communications library designed to distribute software in the same manner; where software may make use of other software as though they were native and local. Call it, Software-Oriented Architecture.

As software is a collection of services, a Software-Oriented Architecture is then a higher-level construct than a Service-Oriented Architecture, useful in scenarious where the larger whole consists of many smaller applications; such as a Digital Asset Management System.


Kom is a decentralised, inter-process library. Meaning that it provides a chat-like interface to software, via RPCs using ZeroMQ, and that it doesn’t rely on a central broker to do so. Kom consists of three (3) components.

  • protocol
  • broadcast
  • nameserver

nameserver is the


define the push/pull model

See also RFC66