Pipi Beta 1

This document describes the first beta release of Pipi.

Copyright and Language can be found in RFC1

Change Process

This document is governed by the Consensus-Oriented Specification System (COSS).


In addition to the language specified in RFC1, PLAYER refers to any person in contact with a content life-cycle, PIPI refers to the full Pipi software suite, BETA refers to this particular release of PIPI, beta 1.


Deliver a platform for associating arbitrary, heterogenous metadata to folders in a file-system as a means of configuring an operating system for digital content creation in a collaborative environment.


DASHBOARD is a file-system browser facilitating a collaborative workflow and configuration. The PLAYER is presented with a miller-columns view of the data in which he interacts with and makes a choice of which folder, or workspace, to work within.

ABOUT is a metadata management utility, a graphical front-end to the open-source library Open Metadata. The PLAYER interacts with metadata on a file-system through ABOUT which is then used as configuration data for DASHBOARD


PIPI is built using Python (2.7) along with the third-party libraries PyQt (5), PyZMQ (4) and msgpack (0.4).

PIPI communicates with interconnected software using PyZMQ, a binding library for ZeroMQ; however the feature is disabled in this BETA.