Monolithic Versioning for Production

This document describes a method of tracking change with a single document.

Copyright and Language can be found in RFC1

Change Process

This document is governed by the Consensus-Oriented Specification System (COSS).


In addition to the language defined in RFC1, DOCUMENT refers to any digital content, including but not limited to files and folders.


The goal of Monolithic Versioning is to maximise concurrency whilst minimising the amount of manual intervention required in keeping a hierarchy of tasks up to date at the cost of an implicit system with the potential to cause unwanted side-effects.


Monolithic Versioning, also known as Mutable Versioning, is the act of saving DOCUMENT whilst (optionally) maintaining history somewhere external to said DOCUMENT. Examples include systems such as Git, Subversion and Perforce.

As opposed to Polylithic Versioning (RFC2), changes are implicit and require no intervention on the part of the user when it comes to performing an update.